Friday, April 19, 2013

'Family Guy' Boston Bombing Clip Uncensored (VIDEO)

The following video is being shown here for historical reference and is not meant as an alternative to any original sources. Following the censorship of this clip on many video hosting networks, and the attempt to sanitize the internet of this clip, we believe that it is necessary to retain a copy here, for posterity and historical accuracy. At this time we do not wish to make any statement of opinion on the contents of the clip itself, but feel compelled to take a stand against censorship at a crucial time.The public have the right to information, and to form their own opinions of and with that information.

In the interest of historical accuracy is should be pointed out that the following video clip is actually a mashup of two different segments in the same episode of the popular adult cartoon, which aired March 17, 2013. Because YouTube has removed the original upload of the clip, it is not known if it was originally uploaded before or after the Boston Marathon terror bombing of 15 April 2013.

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