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Discovered Remains May Be Woman Missing Since 1985

Poughkeepsie, NY - The Dutchess County Medical Examiner's office are examining what may be human remains discovered by contractors in a single-family home at 720 Vassar Road. The discovery may bring closure to a cold case of a woman reported missing in 1985.

JoAnn Nichols was reported missing by her husband, James Nichols Jr.,  just days before Christmas on December 21, 1985. He told police that his wife, a first-grade public school teacher, had missed a hair appointment at a local beauty salon. The next day, their car was found at the Nine Mall shopping plaza just around the corner from their home, less than a mile away. Nothing had been stolen, and there was no subsequent activity on credit cards or bank accounts.

Police ruled out the husband as a suspect, and considered the possibility the missing person may have committed suicide because of the loss of their only child. The couple had lost their 25 year-old son in a drowning accident, in May of 1982. A despondent note was found on the home computer at the time of the woman's disappearance. Police searched local waterways, even though they were frozen over, but discovered no clues.

The case quickly went as cold as that New York December. No new evidence ever turned up, but the case remained open and every year family members call the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department to see if there are any new leads. Her mother, who lived in Louisiana, never heard from her daughter again even though JoAnn had called every Sunday between 2 and 4 p.m. up until her disappearance.

In December of 2012, concerned neighbors called police and reported that they hadn't seen James Nichols for several days. Police subsequently found that the 82-year old had died in his home, which was strewn with garbage and debris.

Last night around 5 p.m., contractors who were there cleaning out the house made the alarming discovery. They found a sealed container behind a false wall in the basement. Inside the container they found suspected human remains which had been there for "a considerable amount of time."

The Medical Examiner's Office will conduct their autopsy on Monday.

Friday, June 28, 2013

NY Cops Find Illegal Arsenal Investigating Suicide of Former Marine

Police in Putnam County, New York were investigating an apparent suicide when they uncovered a survivalist arsenal hundreds of firearms, tens-of-thousands of rounds of ammunition, hand grenades, buckets of black powder, blasting caps, and even a camouflage-painted tank in the back yard.

The tank is legal, (Camel Police Chief) Johnson said, but many of the weapons and explosives police removed from the house were not. -Poughkeepsie Journal

See more on the story at: Raw Story

US Army Cyber Command Blocks Access to NSA Spy Story

The United States Army is now blocking access to portions of the Guardian news website covering leaked information about the National Security Agency's domestic spying program.

The Guardian first broke the story of the NSA's pervasive program to monitor and record virtually all digital communications within the United States including emails and social media through networks like Google, Facebook, and Verizon. The alarming news of the government agency's blatant disregard for the Constitution and liberty was brought to their attention by whistleblower Michael Snowden, a former NSA contractor who has since been charged with espionage by the U.S. government and is on the run across the globe.

The Monterey Herald reports:
Gordon Van Vleet, an Arizona-based spokesman for the Army Network Enterprise Technology Command, or NETCOM, said in an email the Army is filtering "some access to press coverage and online content about the NSA leaks."

He wrote it is routine for the Department of Defense to take preventative "network hygiene" measures to mitigate unauthorized disclosures of classified information.
 NETCOM is a subordinate of the US Army Cyber Command

This measure could be termed as a psychological operation, designed to leave American troops less informed than the general public, and ignorant of the crimes perpetrated by the same government which these troops fight and die in the name of. This is not simply a question of troop morale though, and cuts right to the heart of the core virtues of serving the government in a military capacity and leaves these troops open to allegations of complicity in crimes perpetrated by the government.

The Army has elevated the game another level, by threatening troops who access the classified information made public by the Guardian. The Presidio in San Francisco, information assurance security officer Jose Campos dispatched an email to employees warning of consequences for the troops.
He wrote that an employee who downloads classified information could face disciplinary action if found to have knowingly downloaded the material on an unclassified computer.
In other words, any soldier who downloads the publicly available information could be viewed as a spy, and charged criminally. Not only is this a serious implication for servicemembers, but the public in general, that the government still views this material as classified.

Could any one of us also be charged with espionage, even treason, for downloading the information on the NSA's program to spy on citizens? Website operators operating withing the U.S. could be particularly vulnerable to charges of espionage if they were to upload mirror images of the information. 

In the worst of ranting conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, "There's a war on for your mind."

You can read the classified documents at the following link, if you dare.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

FBI Hides Identity of Conspirators in Plot to Assassinate Protest Leaders

This report courtesy Station.6.Underground

The FBI knew of a plot to assassinate persons seen as protest "leaders" in the Occupy Wall Street movement, but failed to act and has continued to protect the identity of the would-be assassins. 

An identified [DELETED] as of October planned to engage in sniper attacks against protestors (sic) in Houston, Texas if deemed necessary. An identified [DELETED] had received intelligence that indicated the protesters in New York and Seattle planned similar protests in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, Texas. [DELETED] planned to gather intelligence against the leaders of the protest groups and obtain photographs, then formulate a plan to kill the leadership via suppressed sniper rifles. (Note: protests continued throughout the weekend with approximately 6000 persons in NYC. ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests have spread to about half of all states in the US, over a dozen European and Asian cities, including protests in Cleveland (10/6-8/11) at Willard Park which was initially attended by hundreds of protesters.)

 This document shows that the plot remains in effect.

On 13 October 20111, writer sent via email an excerpt from the daily [DELETED] regarding FBI Houston’s [DELETED] to all IAs, SSRAs and SSA [DELETED] This [DELETED] identified the exploitation of the Occupy Movement by [LENGTHY DELETION] interested in developing a long-term plan to kill local Occupy leaders via sniper fire.

The FBI's failure to act against this clear act of domestic terrorism against American citizens practicing Constitutionally protected activities, was "explained" by the director of the FBI's media office, Paul Breeson, as follows:

The FOIA documents that you reference are redacted in several places pursuant to FOIA and privacy laws that govern the release of such information so therefore I am unable to help fill in the blanks that you are seeking.  Exemptions are cited in each place where a redaction is made.  As far as the question about the murder plot, I am unable to comment further, but rest assured if the FBI was aware of credible and specific information involving a murder plot, law enforcement would have responded with appropriate action.

Yeah right, rest assured my left butt-cheek.

Is the FBI a Terrorist Organization?

Read more about the assassination plot against OWS at: Who What Why

U.S. Troops Set for Egypt Deployment

As Egyptians prepare for massive protests against the U.S. government-backed Muslim Brotherhood regime of Mohamed Morsi, the Obama administration is set to deploy hundreds of American troops to Egypt. While more than a few analysts have argued that U.S. forces will be used to continue propping up “Islamofascists” in the Middle East, authorities from both governments claim the soldiers are merely being sent as part of a nine-month international “peacekeeping” scheme.

According to official accounts, the so-called “Multinational Force and Observers” (MFO) mission, composed of troops serving 13 governments, is aimed at controlling riots and violence. Another primary purpose, government spokesmen claimed, is enforcing the 1979 peace treaty between Israeli and Egyptian authorities. News reports and official statements suggest the American troops, serving under MFO command, will be operating security checkpoints and responding to threats.

The exact date of deployment has not been announced yet, but U.S. troops spent some six months training at Fort Hood and Fort Irwin for the mission and will reportedly be ready to go in the “near future.” Local U.S. media reports, citing military officials, said American forces had been trained for riot control featuring exercises with Molotov cocktails and other “dangerous items” in anticipation of violent protests. Another possibility would be protecting the border with Israel, according to reports.

Read more at: New American

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Analyzing a Practical Minimum Wage

The following article used by permission, courtesy of Minimum Wage Workers Union

On this page, we will itemize a sample budget for a single person in order to analyze what a fair standard would be for a minimum-wage worker. It is our position that a person working eight hours a day, five days a week, at any job, should be able to support themselves to a minimum basic standard of living. This practical wage is necessary in order to elevate the class of working poor to contributing members of society. Working for anything less than what is needed to subsist on independently, is nothing short of slavery.

All figures are based on national averages, for a Federal standard.

RENT ------------------------------$1000
BASIC UTILITIES --------------$200
FOOD ------------------------------$300
CLOTHING -----------------------$75
TRANSPORTATION ----------$500
HEALTHCARE -----------------$350
MISCELLANEOUS -----------$400


Average Basic Monthly Expenses  $3,025

A full-time job at 40 hours per week is 173.2 hours per month calculating 4.33 weeks in each month. To find a reasonable minimum wage, we divide the average basic monthly expenses figure, by the number of hours worked. For the average American worker to support themselves without government assistance or by borrowing beyond their means, that worker must earn...

$17.47 per hour

Of course, that figure must be after all taxes and contributions are taken, or that anyone earning that amount must be exempt from all such garnishments and liability. A person who cannot even afford to pay their own way, cannot afford to pay taxes. Forcing them to pay taxes that will jeopardize their basic standard of living, is unsound economics and in the long run will only force other taxpayers to subsidize those workers, in turn jeopardizing their own living standard, in a perpetual cycle that we see happening today as more workers descend into deep poverty. 

If $17.47 per hour seems unreasonable to you, or just downright impossible, consider a few more facts. There was a time when a grocery clerk, or a department store salesperson could actually support themselves on what they earned. That is not so today.

Using data by the U.S. BLS, the average productivity per American worker has increased 400% since 1950. One way to look at that is that it should only take one-quarter the work hours, or 11 hours per week, to afford the same standard of living as a worker in 1950 (or our standard of living should be 4 times higher). Is that the case? Obviously not. Someone is profiting, it’s just not the average American worker. -Source

Based on consumption growth since 1968, the minimum wage today would
have to be $25.05 to represent the same share of the country's total
consumption. Based on national income growth, the minimum wage should be
$22.08. Based on personal income growth, it should be $21.16. -

After adjusting for inflation, minimum wage workers today are paid about 26 percent less than they were in 1974.

At the top 1 percent of the American income distribution, average
incomes rose 194 percent between 1974 and 2011.  Had U.S. minimum wages
risen at the same pace as U.S. maximum wages, the minimum wage would now
be $26.96 an hour. -Source

Here is a detailed description of how we arrived at our sample budget figures:

RENT- $1,000

It is very difficult to find an accurate national average cost for a rental apartment. Local market values have a very wide range, and rental units are not uniform. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) the median asking price for an unfurnished rental unit was $1,277 in the first-quarter of 2012. That amount is below what one might have to spend even for the most basic, small studio apartment in New York City, but enough to secure a large 3-bedroom apartment in a mid-western town. We must assume, however, that the minimum-wage worker will most likely be living where work is available which is more often in regions where rent is much higher. For the purposes of our analyses, we have generalized to come up with a figure that is below the national average, in order to establish a minimum standard of living. $1000 is what one might expect to pay for a one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area.


This is another expense which is difficult to accurately quantify through statistical data. Again, we see large variances in regional costs as well. For example, the cost for electricity in Idaho is about 8-cents per kilowatt-hour, while in Hawaii it is over 33-cents. Sometimes, some utilities are included in monthly rent payment. Electricity, water/sewer, garbage collection, natural gas, heating oil and more can be part of a renter's basic utilities expense. The person's utility configuration may also play a role in their overall monthly budget. For example, if a person uses electricity for heating, rather than natural gas or oil, they will pay a much higher electric bill than the national average. Electric heat can be more costly than other heating sources as well. According to The WhiteFence Index, the average monthly cost for electricity  was $118.82 for the month of July 2012. Natural gas stood at $19.55 for the same warm-weather month, but was much higher in places like NYC which stood at $35 05.

So calculating roughly $120 per month for electric, and putting aside another $80 for other potential utility expense such as heat or garbage collection, we come to the estimate of $200. That estimate is supported by a NUMBEO cost of living survey of more than 3,000 people who paid an average of $197.99 for basic utilities over the past 18 months.


While some may argue that things like internet access, cellphones, and television are not necessities, they are still quite important to a productive member of society. Television may wind up as a worker's only form of entertainment, and entertainment is indeed a necessity for a human being's mental health. Internet access, while it may seem like a luxury to some, it really has become quite an important tool. For example, most jobs today cannot be applied to except online over the internet at the company's website. Internet access might be free at some place like a library, but that would incur additional transportation costs for an individual, often business cannot be taken care of under imposed time limits, and a worker's work schedule may not be compatible with a library's business hours. Telephone service is absolutely a necessity in modern society, whether it be cellular or a land line service. One must be able to report emergencies, make doctor's appointments, be accessible to potential employers, etc.

Using the WhiteFence Index again, we see that the national average for television service is roughly $55, and internet is close to $40. According to one comprehensive survey, the average cellphone bill was $47.11 in December 2010. $50 a month won't pay for a smart phone or excessive use, but the mobility of a cellphone makes it well worth the five or ten extra dollars one might pay over the average cost of a home telephone line. Having a cellphone can actually save a person money in the long-run, when they can coordinate rides rather than paying cab-fare, when they can receive an important call right away rather than going home to check an answering machine, and many other ways that we take for granted.

FOOD - $300

The maximum benefit for a single person using "food stamps" or partaking of the Federal Supplementary Nutritional Allowance Plan (SNAP) is $200 per month. SNAP is not intended to be a person's only food source, though often it is sadly enough. Surviving on less than $200 a month can be very difficult, even dangerous to one's health. For our estimate here, we have added a modest $100 to the Federal supplementary amount. A person who is working will require more portable meals to take with them to work, which can incur additional cost. Also, it is sometimes necessary to eat a prepared meal from a restaurant or vendor. An unexpected delay at the doctor's office, a lunch stolen from the break-room refrigerator, or any number of unforeseen events can take place which will leave a person needing to pay for a meal outside of the home. Even at $300 per month, a person will still have to be a wise shopper to eat healthy, as more nutritious foods are usually more expensive. The USDA estimates an at-home moderate food cost plan for an adult male to be $292.80.


This is another category which is difficult to calculate due to wide variances in a person's habits, living conditions and so forth. Nonetheless, we must budget some amount for things like soap, detergents, razor blades, toothpaste, deodorant, over-the-counter medicine, paper products, light bulbs, etcetera. $50 does not seem an unreasonable amount to calculate for such necessary goods.


Even for a person who is not concerned about fashion, clothing can be a significant expense, and is often neglected by those living at or near the poverty level. Clothes wear out over time, more quickly for a person who is working regularly. Each year, a person will likely need new pants, shoes, shirts, and underclothing as the old ones become worn and frayed or accidentally damaged. A person who works in some fields may have to spend more, to keep up proper appearances, such as dress shoes and ties, or dresses. Even a person who goes on a job interview at a fast-food restaurant should have an outfit or two that is a step above their daily wear. Such an outfit would also be reserved for events such as court dates, funerals, and so forth. A person may also need to replace a winter coat every few years, or unexpectedly as well. On top of the expense for the clothing itself, we also have a significant expense in the maintenance of that clothing. Most low-income workers do not own their own laundry facilities, and even if they did, it would incur additional utility cost.

Again, because of so many variables, in a person's habits, the job they have, the environment they are exposed to, it is difficult to calculate a specific dollar amount to be applied to everyone, so we will have to make a conservative but informed estimate. Assuming that a person does not work in a "dirty"job such as construction, in a kitchen or butcher shop, or something of that nature that would require a lot of clothing to be cleaned regularly, we will estimate a very modest 3 loads of laundry per week, at a cost of $4 per load,or a bit more than $50 per month in laundry expense not including detergent.

Next we will calculate the cost of new/replacement clothing based on a quick Google search of popular bargain retailers. Two pair of jeans at $40 per pair, or $80. One pair of quality name-brand footwear, at $75 for the pair. Two packages of undershorts, $20. One package of socks, $20. Three collared polo-style shirts, $45. We will also set aside another $60 for seasonal-wear and accessories, such as swim-suit, winter gloves, replacement coat, sweatshirt, pajamas, etc. This gives us a total of $300 for clothing for the year. This is quite a modest sum really, considering that many people spend double that much twice a year, with other itemized purchases throughout the year. We then divide the $300 by twelve months for an estimated monthly expense of $25. We then add the $50 per month laundry expense, for a grand total of $75 per month to stay clothed.


Public transportation is generally considered to be much cheaper than owning your own car, but that savings is often offset by the higher cost of rent and general living expenses in a big city. There may also be times when a person may wind up having to pay for expensive cab fares, when mass transit is not an option. Finally, public transportation is not reliable or doesn't exist outside of city limits. So for this section, we are going to calculate the costs of operating a car as one's primary transportation.

A modest car loan of $4,000 over 48 months at 12% interest would incur a monthly debt payment of  $105.34. Taxes, registration, licensing, and safety inspection all vary widely from state to state and city to city, while estimating repair costs and depreciation can be tricky, but the Federal standard is set at 55.5-cents per mile in 2012. (Some sources put overall operating expense as high as $1.39 per mile.) Assuming a short 20-mile round-trip commute, and also assuming that all errands are taken care of while going to or returning from work, we come up with the conservative estimate of 433 miles per month, at an operating cost of roughly $240, plus the $105 for the loan payment is $345. Now we add insurance cost. has pinned the national average at $1,794 for July 2012, or roughly $150 per month. We will round off the transportation cost to $500 per month. This is roughly the same amount as 7 mass transit fares in NYC per day, or as few as 3 metro rides per day in Washington DC.


The healthcare system in the United States is a complete disaster, with premiums now double and triple what they were only ten or twenty years ago. Even for a person who can afford health insurance, choosing the right plan can be a descent into madness trying to sort out all of the facts. According to a 2011 report by eHealth, the average monthly premium for an individual was $183. But that report also shows that figure was a 9.6% increase form the year before, and that the average deductible was $2,935. Which means, of course, that such a policy is only good for serious illness or injury. A more practical policy would cost a person quite a bit more, in order to see a doctor when they are sick, or twist an ankle, or something of a more common nature. If we have a look at the plans available to US Federal employees, we see that individual policies range from about $280 monthly, to more than $600. Dental care and vision care may not be included in many policies, making overall healthcare costs even higher. We will realistically estimate monthly healthcare costs to be $350 for a most basic level of practical coverage.


The items we have covered here are only the most basic cost of living needs, and have been conservatively estimated so that only the most frugal person could get by on these amounts. These figures do not account for a wide range of unexpected and miscellaneous expenses. Having one's car stolen, for example, could be absolutely devastating to someone who was only carrying basic insurance on their vehicle. Things like holiday gifts, fitness center dues, vacations, student-loan payments and educational expenses, furniture, haircuts, life insurance, and more have all been left out here. Having a child to care for, would dramatically increase expenses as well. Website eHow recommends adding 15% to any budget to allow for unforeseen and unexpected purchases. So we will do that here.

* * *
Thank you for taking the time to read our report, and please feel free to leave comments below.

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East Coast Tsunami Info Not Reported by Main Stream Media

TSUNAMI of 13 June, 2013 (Northwestern Atlantic Ocean)

Tsunami-like waves were observed along the US east coast during the afternoon of June 13, 2013 (day 164). The source is complex and still under review, though the coincidence at several gages with strong atmospheric pressure fluctuations indicate that it is at least partly generated by meteorological causes. The event occurred in close conjunction with a weather system labeled by the National Weather Service as a low-end derecho which propagated from west to east over the New Jersey shore just before the tsunami. It is also possible that the slumping at the continental shelf east of New Jersey played a role. The tsunami was observed at over 30 tide gages and one DART buoy throughout the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean.
A first-hand description was provided by Brian Coen who observed the event at Barnegat Inlet in New Jersey:
Around 3:30pm on Thursday June 13, 2013, Brian Coen was spear fishing near the mouth of Barnegat Inlet; just south of the submerged northern breakwater. Earlier in the day around noon, thunderstorms had moved through the area. By 3:30pm the weather was overcast with a light east wind. At approximately 3:30, the outgoing tide was amplified by strong currents which carried divers over the submerged breakwater (normally 3-4 feet deep). This strong outrush continued for 1-2 minutes and eventually the rocks in the submerged breakwater were exposed. Brian backed his boat out before being sucked over as well.

At this point, Brian noticed a large wave coming in, approximately 6 feet peak-to-trough and spanning across the inlet. The upper 2 feet of the wave was breaking. This wave occurred in conjunction with a reversal of the current such that even though the tide was going out, a strong surge was entering the inlet. This surge carried the divers back over the submerged reef and into the inlet from where they were picked up. On the south jetty three people were swept off the rocks which were 5 to 6 feet above sea level at the time. At least two were injured requiring medical treatment. There was no more strong activity after about 5 minutes.

This event produced a tsunami that was recorded at tide gages monitored by the West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center (WCATWC). Many observatories provide data to the centers; such as the NOAA National Ocean Service, the U. of Hawaii Sea Level Center, the Chilean Navy, the Japan Meteorological Ageny and the National Tidal Facility in Australia among others. Click on the site name to see a graph of the tsunami, when available. Listed wave heights are maximum amplitude in cm (above sea level). Observed Arrival time is the actual tsunami arrival time in UTC on gages where it could be determined. The Sample Interval column shows the time between data samples.

Snowden Just a CIA Distraction From Real Whistleblower?

I have heard people theorize that whisltblower Michael Snowden might not be all the he appears to be. Some people have said that he is actually still working for U.S. intelligence services, and that this scandal is actually nothing more than a counter-intel and/or public relations operation. To substantiate that though, we would have to see some evidence of why US intel agencies would want to create such a ruckus. Could this be it? Could the Snowden scandal all be a ruse in order to distract us from the following information that is being blacked out by all mainstream press?

SWITZERLAND, Zürich — For the very first time, the shocking evidence of Obama nuclear terror whistleblower David Chase Taylor’s case for Swiss political asylum will be entered into the official court record at the “Bezirksgericht Zürich” (District Court of Zürich) on June 25, 2013.

The 9:54 A.M. hearing will be a historic step in Taylor’s quest for political asylum. After 2 years of being denied access to a good-faith asylum hearing of any kind, Taylor will finally be able to declare under oath and on the record why he desperately needs and deserves political asylum in Switzerland.

Although it has not yet been confirmed, it does appear that the case of alleged NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is yet another elaborate scheme designed by the CIA to divert attention away from Taylor’s case in Switzerland. On June 24, 2013, exactly one day before Taylor’s appearance in a Swiss court where he will outline the evidence in his case for political asylum, Snowden has officially “gone missing” in Russia.
Taylor first applied for political asylum on March 8, 2011, after releasing a book entitled “The Nuclear Bible”—a self-proclaimed “work of love” aimed at preventing a nuclear terror attack in his home country of the United States.

Taylor’s book, released on January 28, 2011, claims to have caught the Obama administration red-handed attempting to conduct an act of nuclear terror at the National Football League’s (NFL) annual championship game entitled the Super Bowl, routinely the most watched television event in America. Why Taylor needs political asylum in Switzerland is not really up for debate; one look at the evidence surrounding Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas, on February 6, 2011, and anyone would conclude that something was clearly amiss that cold Sunday night in Texas.

While there is an overwhelming amount of direct and circumstantial evidence asserting that the premise of Taylor’s book was in fact correct, a few unprecedented news headlines such as “Feds Warn of Disguised Terrorists at Super Bowl” (CBS News), “WikiLeaks: ‘Al-Qaida on Brink of Using Nuclear Bomb’” (Fox News), and “World ‘On Brink of Nuclear 9/11’ as Al Qaeda Plans Large ‘Dirty’ Bomb” (Daily Mail), give a brief glimpse into the sheer terror that Taylor’s journalistic endeavors apparently thwarted.

Interestingly, despite Super Bowl XLV being hosted in Dallas, Texas, hometown to life-long Texan and former Texas governor George W. Bush, the former U.S. President was curiously on his way to Switzerland, a country he never cared to visit in all of his 8 years as President. Once the nuclear terror plot was exposed and subsequently postponed, Bush immediately changed his plans and attended the game in Dallas. In the aftermath of the foiled Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot, the head of NFL security suspiciously resigned

Regardless of the growing evidence indicating that Taylor’s actions prevented a nuclear holocaust, the Swiss government appears to be succumbing to political pressure by the U.S. to deny Taylor political asylum in Switzerland. Whatever the reason, Taylor’s rights, privileges and protections under the Swiss Constitution are grossly being violated, untimely begging the following 10 questions:

Read more at: TRUTHER.ORG

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IRS Sends $46M to 24K Illegals at One Address

( - The Internal Revenue Service sent 23,994 tax refunds worth a combined $46,378,040 to “unauthorized” alien workers who all used the same address in Atlanta, Ga., in 2011, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA).

That was not the only Atlanta address theoretically used by thousands of “unauthorized” alien workers receiving millions in federal tax refunds in 2011. In fact, according to a TIGTA audit report published last year, four of the top ten addresses to which the IRS sent thousands of tax refunds to “unauthorized” aliens were in Atlanta.

The IRS sent 11,284 refunds worth a combined $2,164,976 to unauthorized alien workers at a second Atlanta address; 3,608 worth $2,691,448 to a third; and 2,386 worth $1,232,943 to a fourth.

Other locations on the IG’s Top Ten list for singular addresses that were theoretically used simultaneously by thousands of unauthorized alien workers, included an address in Oxnard, Calif, where the IRS sent 2,507 refunds worth $10,395,874; an address in Raleigh, North Carolina, where the IRS sent 2,408 refunds worth $7,284,212; an address in Phoenix, Ariz., where the IRS sent 2,047 refunds worth $5,558,608; an address in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., where the IRS sent 1,972 refunds worth $2,256,302; an address in San Jose, Calif., where the IRS sent 1,942 refunds worth $5,091,027; and an address in Arvin, Calif., where the IRS sent 1,846 refunds worth $3,298,877.

Since 1996, the IRS has issued what it calls Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) to two classes of persons: 1) non-resident aliens who have a tax liability in the United States, and 2) aliens living in the United States who are “not authorized to work in the United States.”

The IRS has long known it was giving these numbers to illegal aliens, and thus facilitating their ability to work illegally in the United States. For example, the Treasury Inspector General’s Semiannual Report to Congress published on Oct. 29, 1999—nearly fourteen years ago—specifically drew attention to this problem.

Read more at: CNSNews

Curse of the Pharaohs Caught On Tape in Museum

It sounds like the something from the script of a Hollywood action adventure.

But the 'mystery of the moving mummy' - which has seen an Egyptian statue mysteriously start to spin round in a display case - has spooked museum bosses.

The 10-inch tall relic, an offering to the Egyptian God Osiris, was found in a mummy's tomb and has been at the Manchester Museum for 80 years.

But in recent weeks, curators have been left scratching their heads after they kept finding it facing the wrong way. They now believe there could be a 'spiritual explanation' for the turning statue.

It is believed that there is a curse of the pharaohs which strikes anyone who dares to take relics from a pyramid tomb.

Experts decided to monitor the room on time-lapse video and were astonished to see it clearly show the statuette spinning 180 degrees - with nobody going near it.

Read more at: Mail Online

Whistlelower Charged as Spy, Flees Hong Kong

Michael Snowden, the former NSA contractor who revealed a pervasive domestic spying operation by the government against the people, has been charged as a spy and has subsequently fled Hong Kong where he had first revealed the information. He has landed in Moscow, but it awaiting approval for his application for asylum in Iceland or Ecuador.

U.S. charges Snowden with espionage

Federal prosecutors have filed a criminal complaint against Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked a trove of documents about top-secret surveillance programs, and the United States has asked Hong Kong to detain him on a provisional arrest warrant, according to U.S. officials.

Snowden was charged with theft, “unauthorized communication of national defense information” and “willful communication of classified communications intelligence information to an unauthorized person,” according to the complaint. The last two charges were brought under the 1917 Espionage Act.

Read more at: The Washington Post 

NSA leaker Snowden arrives in Moscow en route to 'third country' with WikiLeaks help

The plane carrying whistleblower Edward Snowden has landed at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. The former CIA contractor, who left Hong Kong in a bid to elude US extradition on espionage charges, is on his way to a ‘third country’ via Russia.

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino announced via twitter that Snowden had applied for asylum.
Interfax news agency is citing an unnamed source in Sheremetyevo airport management, saying that Snowden is still at the airport.

"Snowden is a transit passenger, his next flight is to Cuba, he remains in the airport complex – where he’s supposed to be, waiting for the next flight," the source said.

A source at Aeroflot Russian Airlines told the agency that the whistleblower, who is accompanied by WikiLeaks representative, Sarah Harrison, has rented a suit at the airport’s «V-Express» Capsule Hotel.

“He arrived. But he can’t leave the terminal because he doesn’t have a Russian visa,” the source said.

Read more at:

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Ron Paul Cheated Out Of Nomination by 'Powers That Be' Obama Says in Leaked Tape

Also see:

Elections Are Frauds

Dead Reporter Was Going Into Hiding According to Email Just Before Crash

Despite the fact that police have ruled his death an accident, the theory that Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings was assassinated is gaining more traction as the L.A. Times reports he was being investigated by the FBI and was about to go into hiding, according to an email he sent to a friend just before his death. Hastings also wrote that he was working on a "big story."

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Friday, June 21, 2013

NY Senate Passes Bill Making it a Felony to Annoy Cops

You read that right. The NY State Senate has passed a bill that is now before the Assembly, which will make it a felony, punishable by four years in prison, "TO HARASS, ANNOY, THREATEN OR ALARM A... POLICE OFFICER."

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Their lives already are deemed, by law, to be more worthy than yours. In most, if not all states, there are special penal code sections for assault or battery on an officer, as opposed to assault or battery upon an ordinary person. Similarly, there are special penal code sections for killing police officers. You know, because writing traffic tickets and busting people for drugs is so noble a profession that all police officers are clearly a higher order of human being.

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NYPD Arrest Man For Filming Them

via Station.6.Underground

Shawn Randall Thomas, 47, was arrested and charged on two counts of disorderly conduct after police observed him photographing and videotaping the Brooklyn housing police sub-station in Bushwick over the course of an hour's time. The charges against him allege that he used obscene language and that he blocked the driveway to the police station. Thomas has subsequently filed a complaint with Brooklyn District Attorney's Civil Rights Bureau claiming he was harassed by an officer.

This sort of situation is a delicate one, that stands on the front line of the debate between freedom and security in modern America.

On the one hand, we have a photographer exercising his rights as an American to film as he pleases in a public area. In this instance, the man claims to be filming in order to prepare for another court case stemming from an earlier arrest. Others might say he was clearly trying to annoy the police, and to make a political statement with his actions. Nevertheless, he was not breaking any law.

Even the disorderly conduct charges against him have no merit. He did not actually block traffic in any way, as you can clearly see in the video. He was not "blocking" the driveway any more than a woman with a baby carriage would walking down the sidewalk. He did not impede the flow of traffic, even if he did repeatedly cross back and forth across the entrance. As far as the language goes, it's almost laughable that such a law is even on the books. But even if he did drop a few curse words after police attacked him, it is hardly the same as screaming obscenities over a loudspeaker to disturb the general public by offending children and little old ladies. I am sure I would not have to do much digging at all to pull out some videos of police saying some pretty nasty things to people.

On the other hand, the supposed police officer (in plain clothes refusing to properly identify himself) was within his rights to approach the photographer, to ask questions, and even to maintain an "uncomfortable" level of surveillance on him. Up to that point, the actions by police were no more harassment than the actions of the photographer. Police have as much right as any civilian to go where they please, and to talk to whoever they please. Of course, a civilian is under no obligation to engage in conversation or to answer questions, but the police there were not forcing him to either.

But then we see the arrest go down. We have already established that the arrest was without merit, and therefore now becomes a clear case of harassment by police against a photographer.  Harassment by way of assault and kidnapping.

Let's also keep in mind here that the NYPD operates the most pervasive video and electronic surveillance program in the country. They can spy on citizens all day every day, but don't like it so much when the cameras are turned back on them it seems.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Was Rolling Stone Reporter Assassinated?

The revelation that Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings was working on a story about the CIA before his death and had contacted a Wikileaks lawyer about being under investigation by the FBI hours before his car exploded into flames has bolstered increasingly valid claims that the 33-year-old was assassinated.

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The Runaway General by Michael Hastings

Michael Hastings' Takedown Of Stanley McChrystal Is Filled With Insights That Will Be Relevant For Years

Geraldo Rivera On Michael Hastings: 'Hard To Forget' Reporter Ruined General Stanley McChrystal's Career

Lunatic or Spooked Spy On Flight to Newark?

United Airlines Flight 116 from Hong Kong to Newark, NJ was met by Federal agents after a passenger caused a disturbance on board the plane, a little more than halfway though the 16-hour flight.

It was initially reported by many news agencies, citing the FBI as their source, that the man claimed to have poisoned the passengers aboard the plane. This turned out to be false however. Another instance of media and government lies.

What really happened is that a man named Daniel M. Perry began speaking loudly in an anti-government rant while also saying that he was in fear for his life. During his rant he claimed to have been poisoned with a dart shot into his neck. He claimed that he was being transferred by the CIA from Hong Kong, where whistle-blower Edward Snowden outed crimes by US spy agencies, to a government "safe house" where he would never be heard from again. Perry went on to claim that he had secret information to share, that Snowden was "right," that government workers' lives are in danger, and pleaded that the flight be diverted to Canada.

The Binghamton, NY native claimed to work for the American embassy in Abu Dhabi. Though that has not been specifically confirmed, sources have admitted he was indeed a Federal employee. He also declared his name to passengers, his social security number, and other identifying information. Some reports claim that he is married to a Chinese spy.

So was he really just some raving lunatic on a plane, was he telling the truth, or was this incident a psyop itself of some sort? We will probably never know. But this incident certainly opens another curious chapter in the saga of the the new spy wars American agents now find themselves embroiled in.

It should also be pointed out here, that the man who was hauled off by agents did not actually threaten anyone. So is it a crime now to speak out against the government, even if you are just some wacko who has no clue about anything? Worse though, is the thought that this Federal employee might have had real reason to be alarmed, and to plead for help from his fellow passengers.

"He did not seem excessively disturbed. He was not running up and down the aisles. He was not attempting to hurt anyone. He was not moving about in any agitated fashion. He was just yelling in a loud voice to make certain that everyone heard him." -Passenger

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Two NY Men Arrested In Domestic Terror Plot

ALBANY, NY - Two men have been arrested by Federal authorities after a lengthy investigation which began in April of last year. Eric Feight, 54, of Hudson and Glendon Crawford, 49, of Galway, each face 15 years in prison. 

The duo are alleged to have designed and constructed a radiation weapon, but the FBI claims the device had been rendered inoperable and never posed any danger at any point during the undercover investigation.

The device was designed to operate as an  x-ray gun capable of delivering a fatal dose of radiation to remotely targeted individuals. The victims would not know that they had abosrbed a lethal dose of radiation until debilitating symptoms appeared days later.

The investigation began after Crawford approached Jewish organizations and synagogues soliciting interest in a device that could kill enemies of Israel "while they slept." Alternately, he claimed to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan and was arrested trying to sell the device to Federal agents posing as members of the KKK. Crawford was also a member of Tea Party Patriots and listed himself on Linkedin as an "obedient drone" working for General Electric.


Retired Investigators Come Forward to Claim TWA Flight 800 Was Shot Down

Conspiracy theorists appear to be vindicated yet again, as six original investigators of the Flight 800 disaster have come forward to claim the airliner was shot down by a missile. The official cause of the crash was reported to be an electrical short circuit in the plane's fuel tank, but there is substantial evidence which contradicts the findings of the NTSB.

Read more details on the story at: CNN, and FOX News

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TWA Flight 800 Documentary (FULL VIDEO)

RIP James Gandolfini

Actor James Gandolfini, most famous for his role as mafia boss Tony Soprano, has died. He suffered a massive heart attack this afternoon in Italy. He was 51 years old. Mr. Gandolfini is survived by his wife and two children.

Top Boston Bombing Investigator Resigns From FBI

The special agent in charge of the FBI's headquarters in Boston has resigned. Richard DesLauriers took over the office in 2010 and was in charge of the Boston Marathon Bombing investigation.

The 26-year veteran announced he would be retiring from the agency 4 years early, in order to take a private sector job as vice-president of corporate security for the Penske Corporation. He said in an interview that he was offered the position in March, but delayed because of the Boston Bombing investigation. While a move like this is not particularly unusual under normal circumstances, in this instance, it does raise some curiosities when other irregularities surrounding the Boston Bombing are considered.

To begin, it is coincidental that he is leaving for a job with Penske in particular. On the day of the bombing the FBI told Boston police to locate a suspicious Penske rental truck, and one police official told the press that they were "desperately seeking" the yellow vehicle and its driver.

The following video shows clips of DesLauriers at a press conference. 

The fact that he outright refused to answer the questions about the supposed bomb drill should be cause for concern for any honest American.

Live 'Controlled Explosion' Drill Continues After Real Bombing In Boston

Strong Evidence 'Drill' Was Cover For Actual Bombing In Boston

He then goes on to give the impression that the FBI do not know the identity of the suspects shown in the pictures they released. This contradicts the fact that the two men they were looking for had been known to the FBI for at least 5 years.

Mother Claims Bombing Suspect Counseled By FBI For Years

He then goes on to become very adamant that the public ignore all other pictures that may be floating around. This is quite disturbing when one considers that there are several images of two women placing what is believed to be one of the bombs, and that the FBI destroyed photo evidence at the crime scene. This seems to add credibility to the claim of the suspects' family that they were framed.

Father Claims Bombing Suspect Sons Were Framed

Boston Bombing Witness Says FBI Deleted His Crime Scene Photos

Do These Images Reveal The Real Boston Bombers?

Add this to the fact that the first suspect was killed under questionable circumstances, and that the second suspect was not armed when officials opened fire on him. There has been no explanation as to why police and agents tried to murder an unarmed man, and there has been no accountability for their actions. It makes no difference what a person is accused of, officials have no right to try to kill an unarmed person.

Bombing Suspect Was Not Armed

Who Was the Naked Suspect?

DesLauriers himself should be held accountable and be made to publicly explain these alarming questions, rather than treated as a hero and dashing out the side door before the case is even brought before a court. So under these circumstances, it is indeed curious that the special agent in charge is leaving his post.

There have also been a several curious deaths since the Boston Bombing. In May, two agents assigned to the elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team were reported killed in an apparent fall from a helicopter during a training exercise. That team was directly involved with the arrest of Boston Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. In other words, the two men that were killed likely had intimate knowledge of the attempt to kill that suspect.

FBI: Agents died in fall from helicopter off Va. coast

In another case, an acquaintance of the suspects was killed by an FBI agent during questioning regarding an unsolved murder.The circumstances of that death are also very disturbing.

Acquaintance of Alleged Boston Bomber Killed by FBI

Even if the retirement of the Boston Bombing lead investigator is simply a coincidence, many other questions still remain, and must be answered.

Stray Dogs Learn to Use Moscow Subway System

Stray dogs of Moscow, Russia have discovered that the best way to find food is to commute into the city via public transportation.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Whistleblower Snowden Target of Embarrassment Campaign by Media

The mainstream media, no doubt at the behest of the US intelligence services, have begun an embarrassment campaign against the whistleblower who exposed a program that spies on virtually every person in America.

This "embarrassing" image could be seen as a backfire though, no pun intended. Not only is the image not very embarrassing at all, simply showing that he is a typical human being and an average young person in the 2002 photo, but also highlights how dangerous is really is to have the government spying on us. Granted, this image happened to fall into the public domain, but imagine of this were an image of you, perhaps snapped while you were masturbating to internet porn through the camera you didn't realize the NSA was peering through. Or imagine that this was an image of you, in the nude, that you had sent to your husband in an email when he was away on a trip. Any number of examples could be made here, but this latest development only goes to prove that privacy is indeed a valid concern, even for people who are not terrorists.

Picture source: Yahoo via Reuters

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Obama Administration Declares War on Syria, Officially

"The president has made a decision about providing more support to the opposition that will involve providing direct support to the [Supreme Military Council]. That includes military support," Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communication Ben Rhodes told reporters.

Read more at: CBS News

This decision is apparently being reached after concluding that the Assad regime used chemical weapons against the terrorists, despite evidence which shows that it was the infiltrators and not the Syrian government who have actually used these weapons and are suspected of using biological weapons as well.


Chem Plant Explosion Rocks Louisiana

Monday, June 10, 2013

Man Comes Back From the Dead at His Own Funeral

Brighton Dama Zanthe, 34, had been declared dead after a long illness and was laid in a coffin. The next day, as mourners were filing past him at his funeral ceremony, someone noticed that his legs were twitching. An ambulance was called and the "reseurrected" man was released from the hospital after two days on life support.

Read more at: The Telegraph

About a year ago, a two-year old boy in Brazil sat up in his coffin and asked his father for a drink of water. The boy laid back down and was declared dead for a second time.

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American Manufacturing Replaced by Eating and Drinking

With socioeconomic trends such as this, it is little wonder why the American obesity epidemic shows no signs of slowing no matter what deluded programs are put in place to curb our expanding waistlines. From incessant commercial brainwashing, to denial of access to healthy products, to making you sick for profit, to a global population control program, it is little wonder why Americans are in such poor health. Not just physically, but economically as well.

In the 1950's, the heydey of American capitalism, manufacturing was the backbone of our economic vitality. These blue-collar jobs paid well, and provided the benefits that raised our quality of life to be the most superior in human history. As you can see from this chart below, those jobs have all been replaced by a service industry specifically designed to profit from obesity and drunkenness. The jobs in bars and restaurants are low-wage and usually provide no worker-benefits of any kind.

When factoring for worker productivity overall, 90% of Americans now make less than the minimum wage standard in 1950. This is at a time when American poverty has reached unprecedented proportions, and more people than ever are relying on government subsidies for the very basic necessities of life. If today's SNAP benefit (foodstamps) was measured as a bread-line like we saw during the Great Depression, there would be a line 7 miles long at every single Wal-Mart in America. Then to add insult to injury, even these low-paying obesity-industry jobs are being eliminated through technology.

This chart plots the collision course explaining why we are so physically sick at the same time our economic vitality has gone stale.

The source of this chart's information is the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, but was first seen at: Zero Hedge

Sunday, June 9, 2013

NSA Whistleblower Comes Forward in Bombshell Interview (VIDEO)

An unprecedented leak of information from within the United States intelligence community has revealed that the government is actively spying on virtually every last person in America. The bombshell revaluations show that the NSA and CIA are monitoring, and storing the data, for virtually all digital communications in the country through a now exposed secret program called PRISM.

The whistle-blower has now revealed his identity to the world in the following interview.

The Guardian has extensive coverage of the story at THE NSA FILES