Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top Boston Bombing Investigator Resigns From FBI

The special agent in charge of the FBI's headquarters in Boston has resigned. Richard DesLauriers took over the office in 2010 and was in charge of the Boston Marathon Bombing investigation.

The 26-year veteran announced he would be retiring from the agency 4 years early, in order to take a private sector job as vice-president of corporate security for the Penske Corporation. He said in an interview that he was offered the position in March, but delayed because of the Boston Bombing investigation. While a move like this is not particularly unusual under normal circumstances, in this instance, it does raise some curiosities when other irregularities surrounding the Boston Bombing are considered.

To begin, it is coincidental that he is leaving for a job with Penske in particular. On the day of the bombing the FBI told Boston police to locate a suspicious Penske rental truck, and one police official told the press that they were "desperately seeking" the yellow vehicle and its driver.

The following video shows clips of DesLauriers at a press conference. 

The fact that he outright refused to answer the questions about the supposed bomb drill should be cause for concern for any honest American.

Live 'Controlled Explosion' Drill Continues After Real Bombing In Boston

Strong Evidence 'Drill' Was Cover For Actual Bombing In Boston

He then goes on to give the impression that the FBI do not know the identity of the suspects shown in the pictures they released. This contradicts the fact that the two men they were looking for had been known to the FBI for at least 5 years.

Mother Claims Bombing Suspect Counseled By FBI For Years

He then goes on to become very adamant that the public ignore all other pictures that may be floating around. This is quite disturbing when one considers that there are several images of two women placing what is believed to be one of the bombs, and that the FBI destroyed photo evidence at the crime scene. This seems to add credibility to the claim of the suspects' family that they were framed.

Father Claims Bombing Suspect Sons Were Framed

Boston Bombing Witness Says FBI Deleted His Crime Scene Photos

Do These Images Reveal The Real Boston Bombers?

Add this to the fact that the first suspect was killed under questionable circumstances, and that the second suspect was not armed when officials opened fire on him. There has been no explanation as to why police and agents tried to murder an unarmed man, and there has been no accountability for their actions. It makes no difference what a person is accused of, officials have no right to try to kill an unarmed person.

Bombing Suspect Was Not Armed

Who Was the Naked Suspect?

DesLauriers himself should be held accountable and be made to publicly explain these alarming questions, rather than treated as a hero and dashing out the side door before the case is even brought before a court. So under these circumstances, it is indeed curious that the special agent in charge is leaving his post.

There have also been a several curious deaths since the Boston Bombing. In May, two agents assigned to the elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team were reported killed in an apparent fall from a helicopter during a training exercise. That team was directly involved with the arrest of Boston Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. In other words, the two men that were killed likely had intimate knowledge of the attempt to kill that suspect.

FBI: Agents died in fall from helicopter off Va. coast

In another case, an acquaintance of the suspects was killed by an FBI agent during questioning regarding an unsolved murder.The circumstances of that death are also very disturbing.

Acquaintance of Alleged Boston Bomber Killed by FBI

Even if the retirement of the Boston Bombing lead investigator is simply a coincidence, many other questions still remain, and must be answered.

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