Friday, April 26, 2013

Google and Censorship

Google shows requests for censorship have reached new highs

Google on Thursday released data showing that requests by governments to censor the Internet giant’s content have hit new heights, with Brazil and the United States leading the way.

Google received 2,285 government requests to remove content from it properties, including YouTube and search pages, in the second half of last year as compared to 1,811 requests in the first six months, according to its latest Transparency Report.

The requests related to 24,179 pieces of content, up from 18,070 items, the California-based Internet giant said.

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It is also being reported this morning that several alternative media websites and conspiracy forums have been slammed by Google-based advertisers who are threatening nonpayment over certain subject-matter and even the use of the word "fuck." While we here at November Yankee would normally refrain from using expletives openly, we felt it an appropriate expression of our sentiment toward forced and/or coerced censorship of the internet.

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