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Black Knight Satellite Mystery

1927-28 – Norwegian scientists, led by Carl Stoermer (Professor of Mathematics, University Oslo) record Long Delay Echoes (LDE) from radio broadcasts, measuring minutes to hours apart. To this day the phenomenon cannot be explained.

1953 – Famed astronomer and discoverer of Pluto, Clyde Tombaugh, begins work on a project for the Army Office of Ordnance Research alongside Dr. Lincoln La Paz, a fellow astronomer and meteor expert who had secretly worked for the military previously investigating the Green Fireballs UFO phenomenon. According to the Army, the project was meant to locate natural, near-Earth satellites which could be used as Donald Keyhoe, who wold go on to become director of NICAP, the true purpose of the project was to identify two objects which had suddenly appeared on long-range radar. In 1954 Aviation Week breaks a story, which is picked up by major newspapers the following day, that the project has led to the discovery of two near-Earth satellites, at a range of 400 and 600 miles. Despite alleged confirmations by inside sources for publications such as the New York Times, La Paz denies ever working for such a project, and Tombough refuses to comment in an interview with Popular Mechanics in late 1955. The Army has never released the results of the study.
a space-station. However, according to

1957 – An object is tracked shadowing Sputnik I, the first man-made satellite to be launched into Earth's orbit.  Two months later, Dr Luis Corralos of the Communications Ministry in Venezuela photographs an object while taking shots of Sputnik II passing over Caracas.

1960, February – North American Air Defense System (NORAD predecessor) detects object with a mass of 15 metric tons in polar orbit, using their newly operational "Dark Fence" detection system. Check out today's Space Fence program.) It is several times larger than anything the US or Soviets are capable of launching into orbit at that time. The object, dubbed “Black Knight” by the military, is tracked for three weeks and abruptly disappears. Ham radio operators once again report LDE phenomenon during this period. One radio operator claims to detect a coded message translated to be a map of the star-system Epsilon Boštes.

1960 – “Bracewell Probe” theory first proposed in an article published in Nature magazine by Professor Ronald Bracewell of Stanford University.

1960, September 3 - Unidentified satellite photographed by a tracking camera at the Bethpage plant of Grumman Aircraft Factory on Long Island, at 8:51 PM, seven months after it first appeared on radar. It could sometimes be seen from the ground as a red glowing object moving in an east-west orbit at a time when most satellites moved West-east.

1963 - On the last pass of his 22-orbit mission, American Astronaut Gordon Cooper reports to the Muchea tracking station in Australia, that he sees a glowing green object ahead of him in space which appeared to be closing in on his capsule. The station picks up a radar return of the object and confirms that it is traveling in an East-West orbit. Later, officials claimed he was hallucinating as a result of an electrical malfunction and carbon dioxide poisoning. He will not be the last Astronaut to see an unidentified object.

1967, August 3 – Three ton object slams into Sudan desert. It is of unknown origin, and presumably larger than anything that could be put into orbit until the Saturn V rocket went operational on 9 November of that year. Object is cube shaped and made up of many two inch by one inch rectangular pieces of aluminum-like soft metal packed together tightly under a woven shroud. There are no markings. Was this a crash landing of the Black Knight Satellite? Was there, or is there perhaps more than one such inexplicable object in the space near Earth?

1970’s - Scottish astronomer Duncan Lunan interprets the 1927 LDE’s as a star map of Epsilon Boštes, as it would have appeared from Earth 13,000 years ago. It is published by British Interplanetary Society, Journal of the Society of Electronic and Radio Technicians, and Analog, among others.

Since then, a number of other objects have been speculated about as being the Black Knight, or perhaps a similar object. Other sources have come up with tales from supposed insiders, of NASA secrets and covert missions to recover a monolith in 1972. Some speculate that a bizarre radio signal picked up in 2004 on the Cassini mission near Saturn, may have been the mysterious Black Knight once again.

Here is what interpreter and former Airforce Sgt. Clifford Stone had to say about it...

C: Well, I’ll tell you this, I think that by 2016 that something better have happened. Because at 2016 I think that we’re going to have to announce to the world that there’s a probe that comes very close to the Earth every 15 or 20 years. And we’ve been calling it an asteroid. It’s not an asteroid. But it actually in reality is an artificial probe. In other words, somebody else put it here. They have found us long time ago. The technology will probably be pretty much on a par to, say, Voyager. It’ll be old antiquated technology by all their standards.

K: So what are you saying? Is this probe… do you know what race?

C: I’m saying we have already found it. Our paradigm says that it can’t be an artificial craft of any sort, therefore we refuse to accept that and we call it an asteroid. I’m talking about BG1991. Roughly 30 meters in diameter, highly polished surface. Asteroids don’t have a highly polished surface. It took corrective course changes to avoid collision with another asteroid. That don’t happen. This one it did.

K: So where... what race is this from, from what planet? Do you know?

C: I don’t know.

Crackpot? Perhaps. Some testimony is stronger than others, and some data is better and more thorough than other evidence. But is certainly seems clear, that there have indeed been unexplainable objects in our skies. That is not to say little green men from Mars either. That is often the supposition, if in many of the sources I have linked here, but not necessarily the truth. Perhaps even, these objects are remnants of some long lost, ancient civilization right here on Earth, that reached a pinnacle of technology before collapsing under it's own weight, like the fabled Atlantis.

Here is what I dug up on YouTube about the Black Knight. Not really too much there. Not a very popular conspiracy theory for the most part, but one that is quite interesting to most of us who stumble across it.

How about some theme music...

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