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Domestic Violence, Feminism, and Setting the Record Straight

FACT: Women are as violent, or more violent than men in domestic relationships.

With the disastrous and completely misguided bill known as the Violence Against Woman Act about to go before Congress for renewal/re-introduction, we felt it appropriate to point out some conveniently overlooked and politically incorrect facts about domestic violence. 

In a quick Google search of why VAWA is bad, this brief popped up:

These are the 5 reasons why VAWA is profoundly flawed: 

1. VAWA does not recognize the fact that men are as likely to victimized by domestic violence as women. 

2. Because VAWA regulations specifically prohibit the provision of services to battered men, VAWA violates the equal protection clause of the Constitution. 

3. VAWA gives rise to false allegations. Some attorneys now recommend that women seeking child custody file a domestic violence complaint, even if it has no basis in fact. 

4. VAWA makes it harder for fathers to get joint custody. Once a charge of domestic violence is on the books, the legal system views the father as a menace to his children. And some versions of VAWA have proposed that child custody be awarded to the "primary caretaker," a code word for "mother." 

5. VAWA promotes the radical Marxist-feminist belief that men as a class use violence as a tool to dominate and oppress women. This simplistic analysis does a profound disservice to male-female relationships. As a result, VAWA ends up pitting men against women. 

VAWA relentlessly scapegoats men as abusers and batterers. VAWA teaches women to play the victim. And VAWA is responsible for the removal of children from their loving father. VAWA is bad for fathers, women, and children. (And families as a whole.) We don't need a gender war in this country. Oppose VAWA.

Source: Shattered Men

But no matter what men have to say, no matter how pertinent it may be, political-feminists don't care to hear about it and will even violently oppose the resistance to their agenda.

Nevermind that a number of women's groups and female individuals themselves actually oppose VAWA as well.

Women Against VAWA Excess 

Concerned Women For America

Phyllis Schlafly

Freedom Works

Wow, that an awesome chick. (Pretty darn cute too.)

But let's go back now to what we said at the top of the page. That women are as likely, if not more likely to be violent in a domestic relationship. Keep in mind that this does not include the disproportionate rate of women who hire/manipulate other males to harm/kill their boyfriend/husband. These studies show that directly, woman are at least, if not more violent than men in domestic relationships.

Women more likely to be perpetrators of abuse as well as victims

“We’re seeing women in relationships acting differently nowadays than we have in the past,” said Angela Gover, a UF criminologist who led the research. “The nature of criminality has been changing for females, and this change is reflected in intimate relationships as well.” 

In a survey of 2,500 students at UF and the University of South Carolina between August and December 2005, more than a quarter (29 percent) reported physically assaulting their dates and 22 percent reported being the victims of attacks during the past year. Thirty-two percent of women reported being the perpetrators of this violence, compared with 24 percent of men. The students took selected liberal arts and sciences courses. Forty percent were men and 60 percent were women, reflecting the gender composition of these classes. 

Full article at:

The single largest and most comprehensive study on the subject, compiled over the course of many years through the exhaustive efforts of the contributors,  confirms this. Here is a brief:


Martin S. Fiebert 
Department of Psychology 
California State University, Long Beach

Last updated: May 2011 

SUMMARY: This bibliography examines 282 scholarly investigations: 218 empirical studies and 64 reviews and/or analyses, which demonstrate that women are as physically aggressive, or more aggressive, than men in their relationships with their spouses or male partners. The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 369,800.

Despite the facts displayed there, we still have this notion in society that men are more violent than women, and even that a woman's violence should be excused while male violence should be regarded as loathsome. 

Perhaps it is hard-wired into us to think that way. After all, for tens of thousands of years males have been called upon to perform the violent tasks and heaviest physical labors, required of both their family and society as a whole. In the meantime, women cultivated a more psychological, coercive lifestyle in order to achieve goals and to protect their young. Brute force is certainly not always the defining factor of victory, and nature seems to have seen fit to diversify the strengths of the family unit in order to strengthen our species survival as a whole. This certainly doesn't mean that women are smarter or men more violent, it only goes to show how we may be smart, and violent, in different ways. 

But how does this all play out in modern society? Particularly in the last century or so, where tens of thousands of years of hereditary natural selection mechanisms have been overturned by industry, politics, and so forth? 

This woman makes some very profound observations on the subject, which she has shared with the public on YouTube with the piece "Feminism and the Disposable Male."

Wow, it still impresses me every time I watch that video. What a wonderful, intelligent woman. But with everything she has said there, it is almost as if there is some agenda. 

Is all this confusion simply the result of a new stage in evolution for mankind? The natural result of industrialization, technology, a global village? Or is someone pulling the strings?

While some folks might reject such conspiratorial talk as pure lunacy, we simply cannot ignore the very real damage being done to our society, to our families. Conspiracy or not, there are very bad things happening, and these things are being done deliberately for profit and power.

Miss Carol Rhodes speaks to a gathering back in 2010, in this video. She reveals "secret rules" used by Child Protection Services, which of course has huge influence when it comes to domestic violence cases where children are involved, custody disputes and so forth, and the dynamics of gender relations.

Even without all of these facts, statistics and insights, the VAWA is clearly gender-biased and discriminatory. When we do actually take into consideration what has been presented here, it's no wonder that society is disintegrating right before our eyes. Everything that is being done contradicts all common sense based on the scientific data, as well as the philosophical, and is counterproductive to the problems we are actually hoping to solve as a society.

We will leave off here now with one final video, in closure, to show some uncomfortable facts about domestic violence that are not usually considered by either society as a whole or legislators who pretend to know and dictate what is in our interests.


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