Sunday, May 12, 2013

Arab Spotted With Pressure Cooker (BREAKING NEWS)

This is a story that highlights both police-state hysteria scare-tactics as well as American xenophobia.

Talal al Rouki likes to cook, and share with his friends. Being generous and sharing, especially with food, is a common theme for people of the Muslim faith. I can attest to this personally. Though I am not a Muslim myself, I have often been invited to partake of many wonderful and exotic west-Asian meals among friends who follow the tenets of Islam. This generosity of sustenance is much the same as I have experienced with friends of Southern tradition here in the ol' U.S.

Mr. al Rouki had prepared a traditional Saudi Arabian rice dish called kabsah, and carried it to a friend's house in the pressure cooker the dish had been prepared in.

Ah yes, a pressure cooker. Forever synonymous now with the Boston bombing rather than the millions of wonderful dishes that can be prepared in one.

Seeing this foreign-looking person carrying a "bullet-colored" cooking device was enough to trigger the instincts of neighbors into actions after they witnessed the suspicious transport of rice, or a "bomb" as they called it. The FBI was called and swiftly, two days later, armed agents swarmed the apartment block.

The agents carried no warrant, but pressed the "nervous" student to enter his home and to answer questions. He obliged them, answered a number of personal questions, and showed the officials the suspicious pressure-cooker.

When agents were unable to piece together enough evidence to make an arrest, they warned the young student, "You need to be more careful moving around with such things, Sir."

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