Thursday, May 9, 2013

All Digital Comms In US Are Recorded By Big Brother (VIDEO)

It may be still be illegal at the moment, so they can't use it in court in most cases. But they can still use this surveillance to monitor you, to know what's going on, to build a case against you. It doesn't have to be legal or admissible in court for them to monitor every last word you say, and to record every last keystroke you strike. The NSA is watching, and recording, every digital move you make.

You may be reading this article in the privacy of your own home, but somewhere in a National Security Agency control center your every move is being tracked. What time you logged on this morning, the web site you visited, how long you stayed and even what you said in the comments section – all of it – has been cataloged and possibly even flagged for suspicious activity.

Several years ago, to the disbelief of many, we discussed the tracking and archiving capabilities of advanced monitoring systems being implemented by the government. We noted that everything you do on a daily basis is being tracked.

Since then, the government has further expanded their capabilities. In fact, their ability to monitor Americans has increased to such an extent that they’ve built a data center so  massive that it can store over a yottabyte of information; that’s 1 trillion terrabytes, or about 100 trillion high definition DVD’s worth of information. The NSA’s new data center is such a game changer, that it prompted one whistle blower to come forward:

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