Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lunatic or Spooked Spy On Flight to Newark?

United Airlines Flight 116 from Hong Kong to Newark, NJ was met by Federal agents after a passenger caused a disturbance on board the plane, a little more than halfway though the 16-hour flight.

It was initially reported by many news agencies, citing the FBI as their source, that the man claimed to have poisoned the passengers aboard the plane. This turned out to be false however. Another instance of media and government lies.

What really happened is that a man named Daniel M. Perry began speaking loudly in an anti-government rant while also saying that he was in fear for his life. During his rant he claimed to have been poisoned with a dart shot into his neck. He claimed that he was being transferred by the CIA from Hong Kong, where whistle-blower Edward Snowden outed crimes by US spy agencies, to a government "safe house" where he would never be heard from again. Perry went on to claim that he had secret information to share, that Snowden was "right," that government workers' lives are in danger, and pleaded that the flight be diverted to Canada.

The Binghamton, NY native claimed to work for the American embassy in Abu Dhabi. Though that has not been specifically confirmed, sources have admitted he was indeed a Federal employee. He also declared his name to passengers, his social security number, and other identifying information. Some reports claim that he is married to a Chinese spy.

So was he really just some raving lunatic on a plane, was he telling the truth, or was this incident a psyop itself of some sort? We will probably never know. But this incident certainly opens another curious chapter in the saga of the the new spy wars American agents now find themselves embroiled in.

It should also be pointed out here, that the man who was hauled off by agents did not actually threaten anyone. So is it a crime now to speak out against the government, even if you are just some wacko who has no clue about anything? Worse though, is the thought that this Federal employee might have had real reason to be alarmed, and to plead for help from his fellow passengers.

"He did not seem excessively disturbed. He was not running up and down the aisles. He was not attempting to hurt anyone. He was not moving about in any agitated fashion. He was just yelling in a loud voice to make certain that everyone heard him." -Passenger

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