Friday, June 14, 2013

Whistleblower Snowden Target of Embarrassment Campaign by Media

The mainstream media, no doubt at the behest of the US intelligence services, have begun an embarrassment campaign against the whistleblower who exposed a program that spies on virtually every person in America.

This "embarrassing" image could be seen as a backfire though, no pun intended. Not only is the image not very embarrassing at all, simply showing that he is a typical human being and an average young person in the 2002 photo, but also highlights how dangerous is really is to have the government spying on us. Granted, this image happened to fall into the public domain, but imagine of this were an image of you, perhaps snapped while you were masturbating to internet porn through the camera you didn't realize the NSA was peering through. Or imagine that this was an image of you, in the nude, that you had sent to your husband in an email when he was away on a trip. Any number of examples could be made here, but this latest development only goes to prove that privacy is indeed a valid concern, even for people who are not terrorists.

Picture source: Yahoo via Reuters

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