Saturday, September 14, 2013

John Kerry Admits WTC7 Was Controlled Demolition (VIDEO)

It seems clear, enough from much of the video evidence presented and testimony from people who were there, that the World Trade Center building number 7 was brought down intentionally through controlled demolitions.

Some have claimed that towers 1 & 2 were also brought down deliberately with controlled demolition, arguing that the plane strikes alone were not sufficient to bring them down in the fashion in which we all saw them collapse. Keep in mind however, that no plane struck building 7 on 9/11.

Also keep in mind that the demolition of a building takes weeks, even months of preparation and planning. This is not something that can be accomplished in a matter of a few hours, and this is not something that first-responders are trained or equipped to accomplish. The fire department doesn't have tons of explosives laying around, just in case they have to bring down an unstable skyscraper. Assuming too of course, that the building actually was unstable at all.

What John Kerry is admitting to here, is that 9/11 was planned in advance by parties unknown who had direct access to set demolitions explosives throughout WTC7.

He is not the first politician to come forward and make a statement which undermines the "official" narrative of what happened on 9/11. For years we heard all about the heroism aboard Flight 93. They even made a movie about it. Anyone who questioned how an airliner could simply disappear into a small ditch in a field in Pennsylvania was laughed off as a conspiracy nut. Even to this day, most people don't realize that Dick Cheney himself has publicly admitted that he ordered Flight 93 be shot down. Whether that was the right call to make is debatable, but the fact remains that we were lied to about what happened to Flight 93.

Flight 93 Shot Down by Dick Cheney

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