Friday, August 23, 2013

Principal Forces Students to Kneel Before Him

A San Bernadino, California elementary school administrator will apparently not face any sort of disciplinary proceedings by the district school board after enacting a policy which forced students to kneel with hands at their sides. While the policy has now been suspended, it appears that the district and the superintendent didn't actually see anything wrong with mass humiliation of young students.

The enforced practice has been described as "a positive way to enforce safety" and "a positive behavior intervention." You read that right, kneeling before authority is now considered to be positive behavior by the educators molding the minds of your children. 

The abhorrent practice only came to light after several students causally mentioned it to parents. One parent chose to act and began handing out flyers to inform other parents.

School officials maintain that the policy was only meant to keep order among students, and was used as a dismissal method mostly after recess time, and sometimes before beginning a class. Yet this is not something we would even see in an American prison, except perhaps Guantanamo Bay.

As a former school secretary, I can tell you that subtle and not-so-subtle submission tactics take place all the time. It's part of the public school system fabric - which is why it was mostly openly discussed - because it really does seem normal for the school officials enacting those standards. But notice that parents didn't receive a mass notification to begin with? It took enough children casually mentioning it before one parent finally spread the word.

So, there's going to be a meeting for parents to discuss different safety options. That way, parents can choose which way they want the little human resources to submit to authority. I want to emphasize that choice, a common tactic to get children to behave, is going to be used on the parents! Why does there have to be some kind of ritual at all?

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It seems now clearer than ever that schools are no longer an institution of learning, but rather a node of indoctrination.

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