Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bizarre 'Alien' Skulls Unearthed In Mexico Are More Than 1,000 Years Old Scientists Say

Mainstream scientists don't seem to be challenging the find as a hoax. It was a legitimate archeological dig that uncovered these bizarrely shaped skulls in the outskirts of a Mexican village, Onavas, south of Sonora. They do not claim they have uncovered aliens though, but rather examples of skull-binding, or the deliberate malformation of the skull as a sign of social status.
'This is the first pre-Hispanic cemetery in the state,' say the researchers. 'It is 1000 years old. These practices of cranial deformation and dental mutilation have never been seen before in groups in Sonora.'"-Source

Strange elongated or otherwise deformed skulls have been discovered before, from time to time, though never in that region of Mexico. There seems to be an ongoing debate between mainstream science, and UFO/Alien researchers as to whether or not these skulls are proof of another race of beings who once lived on Earth alongside man, or whether these skulls really are just humans who were subject to extreme body modification.

Of course, a lot of conspiracy theorists are quick to call these artifacts alien remains, as in extra-terrestrials, but even if they are not human, that does not necessarily make them from another planet either. For all we know, they are examples of a now extinct race of indigenous humanoid from right here on Earth. Who is to say for sure?

In at least one case, there seems to be substantial DNA evidence to show that not all of these deformed skulls are in fact human at all. So there might be some merit to the notion that mainstream science is engaged in a sort of coverup, or at least in denial, turning a blind-eye to the real science of these discoveries.

DNA Proof of Aliens?

Meanwhile though, we can have a gander at this latest strange discovery. What you are looking at here is not a prop from a movie set or a snippet from a viral ad campaign. That is indeed one of the 13 skulls archeologists pulled out of the Mexican dirt. Freaky.

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